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   Oct 31

Construction Season is Upon Us

Up in the North there is construction season and panic-something-broke-and-it-can’t-wait-to-be-fixed season. The second season is quite expensive as you’re paying for extra labor to dig through frozen ground and other unknowns. The ground has thawed, it is heating up outside and that means one thing.

Time for Construction Season!

If you drive more than a mile odds are you’ll see this bright orange sign:

The joys of summer. Delayed traffic, torn up roads, extra dirt on your car, orange cones, detours….delayed traffic.

It isn’t easy to thank these people for fixing our pot holes and making our streets a little smoother–even if it is for just a few months. You can’t stop your car and walk up to them. That is impractical in so many ways and could interfere with their job.

Here are 3 things I have come up with to thank your construction workers:

Slow down

Yes, the law tells us to slow down. Construction zones are slower and come with a higher fine than a normal stretch of roads. How is this thanking them? Simply by respecting them enough to keep them safe. Imagine standing in the middle of the road for 8 hours having cars drive within feet of you at 40-50-60-70 mph. These people are braver than me. They may not remember you if you go the posted construction zone speed, but they will sure remember you if you don’t–and not in a good way. Check out more about combi boiler installation form

Smile and Wave at Your Flagger

A simple smile and thank you wave makes a difference. They are used to people getting irritated because they’re holding the stop sign and making you late. Remember, they are keeping you safe and dealing with the heat. Thank them the next time you pass them.


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